Upcoming: Dance/Strasser and Dance/Hartwell to feature MFA Thesis Works

Four of the seven 2013 Master of Fine Arts candidates will be presenting choreography as the creative component of their final thesis projects. Dance/Strasser, October 18-20, will showcase Mapping by Nicole Kaplan. In Kaplan’s own words, Mapping is a glimpse inside the human mind, or rather, a confrontation of the ego. Eight women form a community of strength through combative yet supportive moving-forms through space, where complex rhythmic structures are brought to life through weight sensing and unpredictable partnering sequences.

With performances November 1-3, Dance/Hartwell is set to feature thesis work by Falon Baltzell and Juliana Utz, with an additional thesis excerpt by Janet Schroeder. Ensconce, choreographed by Falon Baltzell, contributes to the discourse of choreographic possibilities for the concert stage through movement investigations of negative space and confined spatial design. According to Baltzell, the dancers’ explorations of negative space leave the mental image of a picture, in which it dissipates while another one emerges. Throughout the piece, the dancers introduce specific movement details that come and go, yet leave an impression. Baltzell believes with spatial limitation comes discovery of movement possibilities; a playground of sorts where rules don’t apply. On the other end of the concert dance spectrum, Janet Schroeder presented the 45-minute concert Tap and… at the Rochester Fringe Festival in September, which featured a variety of percussive dances. The U.S. premiere of “Beat it” was in that concert, and it will also be shown in DANCE/Hartwell. “Beat it” was originally created for La Compañía de Danza Contemporánea, a professional company in Puebla, Mexico, where Schroeder served as guest artist in July 2012.

Stay tuned for more thesis works to come this spring by MFA candidates Anna Corvera, Amanda McCullum, and Elizabeth Osborn.

Additional Information:
Dance/Strasser October 18-20, 7:30pm
Dance/Hartwell November 1-3, 7:30pm and November 3, 2pm
Tickets are $15 general admission; $10 faculty, staff and alumni; $8 students.
Available now at Tower Fine Arts Box Office and at Hartwell Theater Box Office one hour before show time.

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