Reflections on a Summer Performance

By Erin Lowden

On August 22, 2012 Assistant Professor of dance Mariah Maloney embarked on an amazing journey to the historical Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival with 15 current and former Brockport dance students. Upon arrival on Wednesday evening the dancers perused the grounds of The Pillow, checked out the Inside/Out stage that they would be performing on the next day and watched the Joffrey Ballet company take class before their opening night performance in the Ted Shawn Theatre. The dancers were also given the opportunity to see the Doug Elkins Company perform and chat with Doug Elkins himself post show.

The following day Mariah and her dancers started the day with a self guided warm up in a studio resembling a log cabin. After warming up, the dancers were able to get on the Inside/Out stage and walk through the works that they would be performing. The day was spent in the beautiful outdoor space overlooking the Massachusetts Berkshires.

After a day of staging in the sun, Mariah Maloney Dance performed as the sun began to set on the outdoor space at 6:15pm. The performance opened with a solo performed by Mariah Maloney to classical Irish music. This was followed by Vensters, a piece danced by 14 women. Vensters was immediately followed by a duet danced by Mariah and MFA graduate Hannah Seidel and another solo, performed by Seidel. The performance closed with Rock, danced by 6 women to rock music. After the show there was a 10-minute discussion where the audience was able to ask questions and give their opinions on the works.

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