Hip Hop Moves For Everyone

By Marielys Burgos-Meléndez

The National Dance Education Organization (NDEO) Brockport Student Chapter sponsored the second Hip Hop Happening event at Hartwell Hall on Saturday, November 10th. Dancers and non dancers of all ages from the Rochester area and beyond came together to participate in diverse workshops offered throughout the day. African Dance, Hip Hop, and Voguing were part of the classes taught by Brockport’s students. Also a Master Class on Break Dancing was offered by visiting artist, Eugene “Tin Man” Cleveland, a local hip hop dancer and scholarship student of the Garth Fagan Dance School (GFDS) in Rochester.

This unique event definitely created networks among the student body of The College at Brockport, students from other universities, local artists, dance studio teachers, and the community in general.

The excitement and fun continued during a free performance presented at the Hartwell Theater. The Step Team, the Hip Hop Club of Brockport as well as the Hip Hop Club from the University of Rochester presented original works. Eugene “Tin Man” performed a hip hop improvisation duet with Brockport undergraduate Shawn Powell. The audience members, including students, performers and the college’s Open House visitors (parents and prospective students who couldn’t resist this amazing event), enthusiastically cheered the performances.

NDEO’s goal is to continue hosting this great educational initiative to solidify relations with the community and create a space for everyone interested in learning some hip hop moves.

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