This Week: David Dorfman Dance Guest Artist Residency!

It’s finally here, Guest Artist week in the Department of Dance! As promised, David Dorfman is here, along with his company to spend the week teaching, rehearsing, participating in a panel discussion, and performing.

Some upcoming highlights:

2:30pm in Hartwell Theater
“Of Politics, Performance, and the Seeping Nature of Democratic Values” Lecture
Featuring Candace Feck of Ohio State University

12:30pm in Hartwell Theater
“The Choreographies of Politics” Roundtable Discussion
David Dorfman, Artistic Director of David Dorfman Dance
Candace Feck, Professor of Dance at Ohio State University,
Barbara LeSavoy, Director of Women and Gender Studies
Dr. Andrea Cioliotta-Rubery, Professor of Political Science
Karl Rogers Professor of Dance and performing company member for David Dorfman Dance
Maura Keefe, PhD., Chair of the Department of Dance

7:30pm in Strasser Studio
David Dorfman Dance Performance, followed by a post-performance discussion.
Get your tickets at the BSG Box Office, or on their NEW website!

Modern Dance Classes Open to Observation:
Monday 9:05am and 11:15am in Strasser Studio
Tuesday 9:30am in Studio 240 and 10:45am in Strasser Studio
Wednesday 9:05am in Studio 240 and 11:15am in Strasser Studio
Friday 11:15am in Studio 240 and Strasser Studio

For more information about David Dorfman Dance, including artist bios, check out the company’s website.

Special thanks to the Student Dance Organization (SDO) for sponsoring this event.

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